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Microsoft Stream - Editing video access permissions in Microsoft Stream
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Video files uploaded to Microsoft Stream, by default, can be viewed by any College faculty member, student, or staff member with an active W&J email address.


To change the permissions of video files uploaded to Microsoft Stream:

  1. Sign in to your account at using your W&J email address and password.
  2. Click My Content on the navigation toolbar. Then, click Videos.
  3. Next to the video for which you wish to change access permissions, click  (Update Video Details).
  4. Under Permissions, you can check or un-check the box next to Allow everyone in your company to view this video.
    To allow only specific people to view your video file, un-check this box; then, add individual people by searching for them in the available search box by name or W&J email address. You can also search for Channels or Groups in which you are a member. ITS recommends that instructors create and use Groups, within Microsoft Stream, for sharing videos between class members.
  5. Click Publish to save your changes.


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