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Additional Wireless Settings for Android Phones and Chromebooks
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  1. Choose WashJeff from the list of available wireless networks

  2. In the pop-up dialog, before you select connect verify:

    • EAP Method:  PEAP

    • Phase 2 authentication:  MSCHAPv2

    • CA certificate:  Use System Certificates

    • Domain:

    • Identity:  enter unique W&J username   ex:  washingtong

    • Anonymous identity:  leave blank

    • Password:  enter unique W&J password

    • Advanced options: 

                   Metered:  Detect automatically

                   Proxy:  None

                   IP settings:  DHCP

                   Privacy:  Use device MAC


Once connected, open a web browser and navigate to to register your device.

For more information on this process, visit this link


For further assistance, submit a ticket with the ITS HelpDesk

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