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Create an Event
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Setting up your favorites first will make this easier to do.

Click the Create an Event button.


Type in the Event Name.

            Example:  Staff Meeting


You should enter the Event Title for Published Calendars if your event will be published to a calendar.


Under Event Type, click on Select an item.


Scroll down and select the most appropriate event type, favorites will appear at the top of the list.

            Example:  Meeting


Under Primary Organization for this Event, click Search Organizations.


Type in part of the name of the organization or click on one of your favorites.

Click on the organization to select it.

            Example:  Office of the Registrar


Click the Edit button for Additional Organization(s) for this Event, if desired.


Type in part of the organization’s name.

Check mark the organization to select it.

Click the Done button.

Multiple additional organizations can be selected in this section.


In Expected Head Count, type in an estimate of the number people who will be attending the event.

            Example:  5


You can put in a longer Event Description in the text box.


Select the actual starting Event Date and Time for the event.



Normally, This event begins and ends on the same day will be check marked.

If an event is on multiple days and no one may enter the room during that whole time period, including overnight, the check mark should be removed from the first occurrence begins and ends on the same day.


Only when an event is on multiple days and no one may enter the room during that whole time period, including overnight, should the event end date be different from the event start date.

Click on Additional time to see those options.


Setup and pre-event times are added together to get the total amount of time required before the event.

Post-event and takedown times are added together to the total amount of time required after the event.

This means that the location cannot be reserved from the beginning of the setup-pre-event time through the end of the post-event-takedown time – it is already considered to be reserved during those times.

For non-repeating events, skip down to Locations.

For repeating events, click the Repeating Pattern button.


Scroll down and select the desired pattern from the drop-down patterns.

            Example:  Monthly

Select and enter your desired repeat occurrence information.


Repeats by Position

Add Repeat Position button
Repeat on the Second dropdown, Wednesday dropdown
Repeats through date button
or you can change the Ends after ## iterations
Occurrence list shows three dates
Click the Select Pattern button


To view the occurrences of the event, click the View All Occurrences button.


Click on the Saved Searches (optional) in Locations Search to see and scroll down the dropdown list.


Or type in part of a location in the Search Locations box and click the Search button.

The list of matching locations will open up.

Starred Locations that do not show up in your started locations list either have a conflict or do not meet the head count requirement.  You can uncheck the boxes to turn off checking those criteria.


To select a location, click the Reserve button.


The reserved location will appear below the Location Search box.


You can collapse the Location Search box when done selecting locations to make the screen easier to read.

If the location you wish to reserve is not available, please select another location.


If you need resources, in the Search Resources box, type in the name of a resource.

Example:  Microphone

Click the Reserve button for the desired resource.

Change the number needed, if appropriate.


If you have an electronic layout of how the room should be set up, you can upload it into the event by clicking the Upload a file button under Attached Files, navigating to the file and double clicking on it.


Check mark all of the categories that are appropriate for this event.

            Example:       Faculty / Staff


Type in any comments that you would like people to see when they look at the event.

Check mark the I agree box in Affirmation.

If you are allowed to change the event state, the Tentative event state is normally used.

In After Saving This Event, you can change what 25Live Pro will do next.

Click the Save button.

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