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Transfer One Program - voicemail feature
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Transfer One services will permit the outgoing voice message to reference the number one and transfer a call to another telephone number rather than have the caller hang-up and redial.


  1. Send an email to [email protected] with the following:
  2. Subject: VoiceMail Transfer One Program
  3. Body:  name, telephone extension, transfer to name and transfer to telephone extension
  4. Example: 
  5. An email will be sent when the setup is complete.
  6. Record all voicemail messages to include the reference:  "Press one to  reach_________."
  7. example:

"You have reached George Washington at W&J College, I am currently unavailable, please leave a message. If you need immediate assistance, press one to be transferred to Thomas Jefferson."



All recorded messages can include the reference to press zero to be transferred to the switchboard or the auto-attendant when the switchboard is unable to answer the call. This feature is currently available to all employees and requires no additional setup.


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