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How to Reset your Keychain Password
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Keychain is a password saving app standard on all Mac computers.  It stores all saved passwords in a secure database on the computer that is 'unlocked' when you log into the computer, saving you the effort of having to type in all of your passwords every time.  Unfortunately, this system is imperfect, and doing things like updating your campus password can often cause password mismatches, and annoying pop ups constantly asking for your Keychain password.  The easiest way to resolve this issue is to reset your default Keychain password and create a new blank Keychain.


1. Open the Keychain Access App by searching for it in Spotlight, or going to Applications>Utilities.


2. Select the 'Keychain Access' dropdown menu at the top and select 'Preferences'.



3. Click on 'Reset Default Keychains' and enter the password you used to set up your Keychain if you remember it.  It will most likely be an old password you used to log into the computer with if it isn't your current login password.



4.  It will ask for another password next, to create a new Keychain, and this will be the password you currently use to log into the computer.  You can then close Keychain Access.


The next time you log into the computer, the Keychain pop ups should be gone.


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