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Change your password on a College-owned macOS computer
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**Note: This is for students, faculty and staff logging into a network connected school computer using their school account.  Changing a password from a personal or home computer can be done through our Microsoft 365**

  • Changing Your Password

    Log in and open System Preferences, which should be the gear icon located in the dock at the bottom of the screen.

    Click on “Users & Groups”.  Your name should be selected as the current user.  ** Unlike the example, your account should say "managed" and "mobile" directly under your name where the demo says "Standard".  This means that you are connected to your network account on this computer.**

    Click the “Change Password” button and fill out the dialogue box.  Confirm and close by hitting “Change Password”.

    If you do not use Keychain you are done and can skip the next section. 

    Updating Keychain

    People who use Keychain, faculty and staff in particular, may need to follow the next section to avoid having Keychain popups when you log in from a mismatched Keychain password. 

    This occurs most frequently when you update your password from the web portal or from a different computer than the one you use Keychain on.  You simply need to update the Keychain password to match your new one.

    If You Remember Your Keychain Password

    To open Keychain, click on the magnifying glass in the top right of the desktop to open search and type Keychain into the search field.  Select Keychain Access to open it.

    Click on “Edit” in the menu and select “Change Password for Keychain ‘login’” and type in your old password, and your new password then hit “OK”.

    If You Don’t Remember Your Keychain Password or “Change Password” Does Not Work

    If you do not remember your old password, or if the above does not work, you can reset the Keychain password and create a new one entirely.  Open Keychain Access same as above.

    Select “Keychain Access” from the top bar menu and select “Preferences”.  Hit the “Reset My Default Keychain” button.  Enter your new password and hit “OK”.  This will create a new empty Keychain with the updated password.  You will not get the Keychain pop ups, but you may need to reenter passwords for software and sites that you had previously saved in Keychain.

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