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Connect to the Campus Wired Network (Gaming and Streaming Devices)
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Students at W&J are permitted to connect their entertainment devices such as Gaming Consoles, Streaming Devices and Virtual Assistants to either the wired campus network. This includes devices such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Amazon FireStick/Alexa, Roku, as well as any other devices compatible with our network that does not violate W&J's Terms of Service Agreement or Acceptable Use Policy.


In order to use these devices, they must be registered to your account using the device's MAC Address.


Begin by visiting this link ( to complete the registration form

Fill out the form with your W&J login information as well as the identifying information about your device. You'll fill it out once for each device you want to connect. Please bear in mind this link will only work on a device that is registered and connected to the W&J campus network. If you haven't already, follow the steps in this article to setup your phone or computer for the W&J network.


After completing the form, connect your device to the WashJeff-IoT network.

It should begin working in roughly 15 minutes.

If you need further assistance, please contact the ITS HelpDesk by Submitting a Ticket


Students are permitted to have a total of 7 devices registered to their account.

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