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How to Fix Slow Computer Issues
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Note:  Only perform these steps if you are actually experiencing slow computer issues and are directed by ITS to do so.


1. Disabling Windows Services


a. Search for "Services" in the type here to search on your computer


b. Scroll down to find "SysMain"


c. Double click, hit "stop" and then from the dropdown box, select "disabled"


d. Repeat steps b and c for "Windows Search" service.



2.  Add Windows Security Exclusion

a. Open settings


b. Select "Update and Security"


c. Select "Windows Security"


d. Select "Virus & Threat Protection"


e. Under Virus & Threat Protection Settings, select "Manage Settings"


f. Under Exclusions, select "Add or Remove Exclusions"


g. When the prompt appears, select "Yes"

h. Select "Add an Exclusion"


i. Select "Process"


j. Type: "MsMpEng.exe" and click "Add"



3.  Make Sure Windows is Up to Date

a. Open settings


b. Select "Update and Security"


c. Select "Windows Update"


d. Click "Check for Updates"


e. Run any updates if available and restart your computer

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