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Using AirMedia on a MacBook in the Clark Family Library
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MacBooks require a few extra steps to use the AirMedia technology in the Library.  Please follow these instructions:


  • Turn on the wall-mounted television.  Make sure the AirMedia light is blue.  You should see the AirMedia instructions on the screen.
  • Open an internet browser and type in the address shown on the screen.
  • Click on the blue Download button next to "Client for Mac".  This will download the .dmg file.

  • Open and run the .dmg file.  This will open up a folder called "GuestCrestronAirMedia".  
  • Double-click the Crestron AirMedia icon to install.  You will receive the following error message:


  • Click OK.
  • Open System Preferences and click on "Security & Privacy".  You will see the following script at the bottom of that window:


  • Click on the "Open Anyway" button to run the Crestron AirMedia app.
  • Click OK or OPEN on the next window that pops up.  Click CANCEL on the next window after that.
    • If an audio download warning pops up, click OK.
  • The app will then load.  Enter the hostname into the search bar (i.e. lib-109).
  • Open System Preferences once again and click on "Displays".  At the bottom of this window, you'll see "Add Display:" or "Airplay Display".  Click on that and select the IP address that comes up (i.e.
  • You should be prompted to enter the passcode that is also on the screen.  After that, you should be able to view your MacBook on the screen.


You'll need to repeat this process each time you want to use AirMedia in the library study rooms. 




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