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Locating the IP phone model number and Cisco manuals
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Cisco IP 79XX series telephone:

  •  The model number is located in the top right corner above the display.

Cisco IP 7937 conference telephone:

  • The model number is located on the left above the numeric pad.

Cisco IP 69XX and 78XX series telephones:

  • The model numbers are located on the back of the devices.



The manuals are attached to this article in PDF format for downloading.


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6921_6941_6961_UserGuide.pdf 6921_6941_6962_QuickReferenceGuide.pdf 7811_7821_7841_7861_UserGuide.pdf 7821_7841_7861_QuickReferenceGuide.pdf 7910_QuickReferenceGuide.pdf 7910_UserGuide.pdf 7911_QuickReferenceGuide.pdf 7911_UserGuide.pdf 7912_QuickReferenceGuide.pdf 7912_UserGuide.pdf 7937_QuickReference_UserGuides.pdf 7940_7960_QuickReferenceGuide.pdf 7940_7960_UserGuide.pdf 7942_7962_QuickReferenceGuide.pdf 7942_7962_UserGuide.pdf Locating_the_IP_phone_model_number_and_Cisco_manuals.pdf 7800-series-qsg.pdf
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