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Connecting iPhone, iPad and Android devices to Wi-Fi
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The article will detail all the steps to register your iPhone or Android for use with the W&J campus wireless networks.


The screens and prompts may vary slightly depending on your phones operating system version.

It is HIGHLY recommended to disable your devices mobile/cellular data when completing this process


1. First, connect to the WashJeff wireless network.
        a. If you have an iPad or iPhone, click the information button  next to the WashJeff network name. Ensure that Private Address is turned OFF before proceeding.
        If you receive the prompt below after connecting to WashJeff, click Trust in the top right to continue.

        b. If you have an Android, you may be prompted to fill in some of the additional setting below. It's especially important that the Privacy option is set to Use phone MAC or Use device MAC.

  • EAP Method:  PEAP

  • Phase 2 authentication:  MSCHAPv2

  • CA certificate:  Use System Certificates

  • Domain:

  • Identity:  enter unique W&J username   ex:  washingtong

  • Anonymous identity:  leave blank

  • Password:  enter unique W&J password

  • Advanced options: 

  •        Metered:  Detect automatically

           Proxy:  None

           IP settings:  DHCP

           Privacy:  Use device MAC


2. Launch any web browser. (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and enter, you should then be redirected to the network registration page.

3. Read the Terms of Service Agreement and Click Agree to proceed.

4. Select Faculty and Staff or Students

5. Sign in using your W&J username and password then click Continue.

6. If your sign in was successful, you'll see a blue bar for a moment while your device is registered. Once it's complete you'll be taken to the Network Confirmation page.


7. Your device is officially registered for the W&J network.


For further assistance, submit a ticket with the ITS HelpDesk



The maximum total number of networking devices per username is seven.

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