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Microsoft Outlook - Voicemail-to-Email
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Starting on April 14th, 2020, campus faculty and staff will be able to access, listen to, and delete all new and saved voicemails from your campus phone within Microsoft Outlook.

  • Once this feature is activated, all new and saved voicemail messages will be automatically imported into your Outlook Inbox. Saved messages will appear in your inbox stamped with the date they were initially received, while new messages will appear in your inbox seconds after they are received.
  • When someone leaves you a message, a copy of it will be placed in both your voicemail and within your email account.
  • Any messages from an on-campus caller will display with the caller's name in the From section and their extension listed in the Subject. If the message is from an off-campus caller, Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System will display as the sender with the phone number listed in the Subject.
  • On Outlook for Mac and the Outlook Web App you are able to play the voicemail messages you received directly within Outlook. In Outlook for Windows, you are required to download the voicemail message before playing it by default. You can change this by installing the Cisco ViewMail add-on with the instructions here.
  • If you access Outlook using an Android device, you may be asked to designate an app for the playback of voicemail messages. If you access Outlook on your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to listen to voicemails without any additional action or installations.
  • For instructions on how to create a designated voicemail folder within Outlook, follow these instructions.
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