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Confirm an Event
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Click the To Be Confirmed link under the Your Starred Event Searches group – see Create a Search for how to create this.

Click on the name of the event to confirm.

            Example:  Staff Meeting

Review the event to be sure that everything in it makes sense.

If you need to make changes to the event, click the Edit Event link or icon.

When done editing, click the Save button.

Next to Edit Event, change the event state from Draft or Tentative to Confirmed.

Near the top, click the More Actions button.

Click the Email Event button.


Link to:  select Pro radio button if not already selected.

Check mark related recipients to send to.

Type in additional recipients, if desired.

In Attach, check mark Event Confirmation (Detailed).

You can add a custom message by typing in the Message Body text box.

Check mark to Include event details in the body of message if you wish.

Scroll down and click the Send button.

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