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Report Phishing Emails
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If you receive any email that appears to be illegitimate or suspicious in any way, you will need to report this to ITS by using your "Phish Alert" button found in your Outlook email.


The Phish Alert tool give ITS all of the necessary information that we need to determine the legitimacy of the email.


For Outlook Desktop App:

This button is found in the top right corner of your Outlook window, and looks like an orange fish hook.



For Outlook Web App:

The button can be found by clicking the three dots on any open email, located near the bottom of the dropdown menu.


For Outlook on Mac:

The button is found by clicking the three dots on an open email, and is the first option from the dropdown box.



Please note: If you suspect an email to be a scam, do NOT click on any link found in the email, or you may be subject to a cyber attack.

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