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Transfer or Copy Home Drive Files to OneDrive

If you currently have a collection of files within your Home Drive that you would like to move to OneDrive, please follow the steps below. (Please bear in mind that these steps will only work on a W&J computer connected to the campus network)

For more information about the differences between the Home Drive and OneDrive, take a look at this article.


1. Open your Home Drive in the File Explorer

2. Create a new folder. Copy or move all the files and folders you'd like uploaded to OneDrive into the newly created folder.

3. Open a web browser and visit Sign in with your W&J credentials. Once you're signed in, launch the OneDrive app.

4. Click Upload on the top toolbar, then select Folder in the drop-down menu. Select the folder created in Step 2 and click Upload.


The new folder will now be listed in OneDrive with all the uploaded files within it. For additional articles and video instruction in using OneDrive, visit this training page.

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