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Teams - Recording and sharing Microsoft Teams meetings
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Recording a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Meetings, including live courses, can be recorded through Microsoft Teams. Instructions for how to begin and stop a recording can be found here.


Accessing a Microsoft Teams Recording through a Team or Microsoft Stream

Meeting recordings created through a Team in Microsoft Teams are automatically saved to a different platform, Microsoft Stream, and can be shared directly with other users from that platform. Additionally, these videos are made automatically visible to and available from within that Team itself for up to 20 days. Please be aware that meetings created through Outlook or initiated through Chat cannot be accessed through individuals Teams.


Sharing a link to a Microsoft Stream recording through Sakai

Because of their large size, video files should not be directly uploaded to Sakai. Links to video files stored on Microsoft Stream can be copied and pasted into Sakai.

  1. Log into Microsoft Stream.

  2. Upload the Teams recording to Microsoft Stream. For more information, click here.

  3. Identify the video file which you wish to share and copy its link. Ensure that video file privacy settings are properly adjusted. More information can be found here.

  4. Add the link through the Resources Tool in a desired Sakai Site. Instructions for adding web links to Sakai can be found here. Links can be pasted to additional locations throughout your Sakai Course Site, as desired.

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