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Using videoconferencing and asynchronous tools for online courses

Recording and sharing asynchronous video lectures

Asynchronous lectures can be recorded using apps available on PC, Mac OS, or any smartphone device. These files can be shared, to encourage flipped classroom engagement, using Sakai or Microsoft OneDrive. Instructions for recording and sharing videos can be found here.


Using Microsoft Teams for real-time videoconferencing

Faculty, staff, and students have access to Microsoft Teams app for online collaboration, chat, and videoconferencing. This product may be used to create online, real-time interactive classrooms. Instructions can be found here.


Using Sakai Tools

The Learning Management System Sakai provides faculty users with a number of Tools for use in online real-time and asynchronous course engagement. Faculty interested in exploring or integrating individual Tools into their courses or instruction are encouraged to contact Academic Technology, ITS for consultation or training.


Qualtrics and other tools

ITS provides campus-wide access to Qualtrics for online survey creation. Information about using Qualtrics can be found here. Other tools purchased or acquired by academic departments, including open source and free software and apps, may not be supported by ITS. Faculty are encouraged to consult with Academic Technology regarding selecting, acquiring, and implementing instructional technologies.


Assessing limitations of online tools

Many tools exist to provide faculty and students with accessible and online resources for teaching and learning. Students can submit projects, interact with classmates, and access course materials through Sakai, Microsoft products, and other platforms available to campus community members. However, limitations may exist when choosing online or technological tools for use in teaching and learning, inclusive of physical, technical, or support-related resources, e.g., administering online exams.



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