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Teams - Using Channels within Teams for group work
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The Channels feature within Microsoft Teams can be used for synchronous and asynchronous group activities. An overview of Teams and Channels, including a short video, can be found here. Channels can be used for groups of students to work on uploaded files, chat in an ongoing text-based format, or to join in a live videoconference "room" accessible within a Channel.



Using Channels within Teams for group work

  1. Enter the Team in which you wish you create Channels within Microsoft Teams.
  2. Create a new Channel, or multiple Channels, determined by the design of your course or activity. You may want to create Channels titled thematically, e.g., "Contemporary American Culture," or you may want to create Channels which will be used throughout your course by students assigned to pre-determined groups, e.g., "Group 1," "Group 2," Group 3." Instructions for creating Channels within Teams can be found here.
  3. Communicate to students dates and times in which they will be expected to work together in their respective, assigned Channels on project work or activities. Be sure to clearly identify and communicate each assigned activity. You may consider using in-class time for these activities, including for "break out room" style videoconferencing. You may join any Channels you have created to monitor or contribute to ongoing work.



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