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Sakai - Verifying student enrollment in Sakai Course Sites
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Student enrollment into Course Sites within Sakai is processed through an ongoing, automated daily process. Students officially enrolled in courses at the College, through the Registrar's official processes, appear in and are dropped from Sakai Course Sites. Student enrollment within Sakai Course Sites may not reflect student schedule changes which have taken place over the past 24 hours. For the most accurate and current course student enrollment, consult JaySource or contact the Registrar.


To verify student enrollment within Sakai Course Sites, you can use two of Sakai's Tools, the Roster Tool or Site Info Tool.


Enabling the Roster Tool in a Sakai Course Site

To view the Roster Tool in a Sakai Course Site, you will need to enable this Tool within the Site.


Viewing enrollment in the Site Info Tool

You can view current student enrollment in a Course Site by navigating to the Site Info Tool within a Course Site. Please use caution when navigating this tool, as you have the ability to manually alter or revoke student access to a Course Site from within this tool. From within a Sakai Course Site:

  1. Click on the Site Info Tool on the left side navigation bar within a Sakai Course Site.
  2. Click Manage Participants, on the toolbar in the center of the window.
  3. Within this Tool, you can sort your participant view by Role and other features.
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