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Sakai - Consolidating Course Sites
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If you would like to combine multiple sections of a course within Sakai into a single Sakai Course Site, please complete this Sakai Course Consolidation Request Form.

Each semester, you must complete and submit this form separately for each set of Course Sites you would like to have consolidated.
For example, If you would like to combine three sections of CHM 100 into one section in Sakai, you only need to complete this form once.  However, if you would like to combine three sections of CHM 100 into one section within Sakai and three sections of CHM 200 into one section of CHM 200 within Sakai, please complete and submit this form twice (once for CHM 100 and once for CHM 200).


Unless otherwise indicated, all course consolidations will direct towards Section 01 of a course.
If you have submitted a request for consolidation and would like to begin designing your course in advance of processing, please conduct all course design in Section 01 or the section indicated below in the additional special instructions field. Course Consolidation Requests are processed prior to the beginning of each semester. Requests received after the beginning of each semester will be processed in the order in which they are received.

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