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Connect to the Campus Wired Network (Laptops and PCs)
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To connect your personal Desktop or Laptop to the W&J's campus wired network, simply follow the steps below.

1. Connect your ethernet cable to Blue port in your dorm room, and your computer.

2. Your computer will likely say "Connected, No Internet". This is normal for a computer that is not yet registered for the wired network.


3. Launch any web browser. (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and enter, you should then be redirected to the network registration page.

4. Read the Terms of Service Agreement and Click Agree to proceed.

5. Select Faculty and Staff or Students

6. Sign in using your W&J username and password then click Continue.

7. If your sign in was successful, you'll see a blue bar for a moment while your device is registered. Once it's complete you'll be taken to the Network Confirmation page.


8. Your device is officially registered for the W&J network.


(If you also need to register your device for the wireless network, you can find the steps here)


If you have any questions regarding this process or if you need any further assistance, please contact the ITS HelpDesk

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