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Troubleshooting tips for on campus wired connections
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Wired connection not working?  

  1. Are you utilizing the blue port in your dorm room?  The black port is for an analog telephone connection, and will not work for internet access.
  2. Is there a second blue ethernet port available?  Can you test the connection with another port?
  3. Did you try using a different ethernet cable?
  4. Check your network card status:

Windows >> Settings >> Network and Internet >> Ethernet >> Change Adapter Options

The media state should be Enabled

If the local area connection is disabled, then right click on the Local Area Connection and select Enable

  1. Check the Local Area Connection Properties and network protocol settings.

  1. Highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4), and click Properties.

  1. Obtain an IP and DNS address should be set to automatically

  1. Did you try turning off your personal firewall?  It could be blocking W&J's network.
  2. Can you temporarily turn off your wireless card (if you have one)?

This will force the device to communication via the wired connection only.

  1. If none of the above information resolves your issue, please contact the HelpDesk X6022.

Include your current IP address with the HelpDesk request

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