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Wireless Printing in the Dorms
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While students are permitted to have a printer setup in their dorm room while living on campus, using wireless services for printing is not allowed within any of the residence halls.


While convenient, wireless printing can create a large amount of interference on our wireless network, potentially disrupting service for other users. Printers with internal wireless capability may be used on the campus, but only if the wireless and Wi-Fi Direct adapters are disabled. Alternatively, we recommend that these devices be connected with a USB cable. If you need help figuring out what cable will work for your device, the ITS HelpDesk is available to help.


When the above devices are detected by ITS, all registered devices to the user, room, or office will be disabled until the device is disconnected, powered off, and ITS determines that the device is no longer in use.  While devices are disabled users will still be able to log into computers in the W&J labs and access W&J resources (email, WebAdvisor, Sakai, etc.). 

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