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Connecting Your Entertainment Devices
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As a resident student on W&J’s campus, you can connect up to seven (7) devices to our network by following a quick network registration process.  This guide will walk you through the registration process for all Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  This includes but is not limited to gaming consoles, streaming devices, smart assistants and more.


Clicking this link ( will redirect you to our device registration page, where you will fill out basic information such as device type and MAC address.  This will associate your device to our registration system.  If you need assistance in finding your device’s MAC address, please contact the helpdesk.  Once your device is registered, you should have internet access granted within 15 minutes of registration. 


Note: You must have at least one device already registered to the network for this process to work (i.e., your smartphone, tablet, or laptop) Otherwise, the device registration page will not be accessible.


Please keep in mind that these smart devices should be connected to the “WashJeff-IoT-Device” network for the best possible connection.  The “WashJeff” network is reserved for smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


If you experience any issues with device registration, we encourage you to contact the helpdesk at:

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