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Defining W&J wireless networks
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Below is a list of all the wireless networks that are currently being broadcasted on W&J Campus by ITS. If you have any questions about which one you should use, please contact the ITS HelpDesk.

In order to use any of these wireless networks, your device must first be registered.


Our Primary Secure Password Protected Network. Allows Staff and Faculty to access W&J resources such as Colleague or Informer while connected.

  • Who Can ConnectThis network is available to all W&J Staff, Faculty and Students who work, commute or reside on campus.
  • Compatible Devices – Laptops, cell phones, and most tablets that an enterprise network connection.



Our network dedicated to "home" activities, and for devices that do not support an enterprise network.

  • Who Can Connect – All W&J Students, Faculty, and Staff who want to access the Internet. Those connect to this network CANNOT access W&J resources.
  • Devices – Gaming consoles, streaming devices and most smart devices. (Note: Only devices that support unprotected networks can connect to WashJeff-IoT-Device)



Basic wireless network for all guest devices

  • Who Can Connect – All Official W&J Guests.  Login credentials need to be obtained from a W&J Staff member.
  • Devices – Laptops, cell phones, and most tablets that support an enterprise network.



Special secure wireless network for visitors from participating Eduroam institutions.

  • Who Can Connect – Any individual who is a member of a participating institution of eduroam.
  • Devices – Laptops, cell phones, and most tablets.



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