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Sakai - Sharing technical support resources with students
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When designing courses, it is important to include clear information to students about technical support services available to them. This information should be present in both the course syllabus and places where course resources are accessed. For courses using the Lessons or Resources Tools in Sakai, the ideal place to include information about technical support services is in a location titled "Start Here."


Indicating College Help Desk Services

Students should be encouraged to contact the ITS Help Desk with any questions or to receive support related to College technologies at Include Help Desk hours and location.


Indicating External Software and Technical Support Services

As an additional best practice, students should be advised where they can learn more about the tools assigned within a course. Include links to the following informational sites, where applicable.

If assigning or using any tools which are not licensed to our College within courses, students should be provided with technical support resources maintained by the companies or organizations who produce and provide support for these tools.

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